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This page highlights a small selection of books, videos, websites, and other articles that have informed and inspired us.  Please see our Programs page to learn more about the books we've selected for our courses.

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"Teach as You Learn"

The opening chapter of Deborah Schoeberlein's Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness offers an excellent overview of mindfulness, its potential benefits for teachers and students, how mindfulness could be introduced in a school setting, and some beginning guidance for cultivating a personal practice.

Wisdom Publications has made this excerpt available as a preview.

"Just Breathe"

Julie Bayer Salzman is a California filmmaker who produced this short film after completing a 6-week online course with the amazing non-profit Mindful Schools. The inspiration for the film came when she overheard her son (then in kindergarten) telling a friend "about how emotions affect different regions of the brain, and how to calm down by taking deep breaths."

Read the full story here. 

Mindfulness Can Change Your Brain

Christina Congleton, Britta Hölzel, and Sara Lazar are scientists who have studied how mindfulness works neurologically and the effects it has on brain development. In this article published in the Harvard Business Review, they summarize some of findings they and other researchers have discovered.

Mindfulness for Teachers: A Pilot Study

In September 2013, the journal Mind, Brain, and Education published "Mindfulness for Teachers: A Pilot Study to Assess Effects on Stress, Burnout, and Teaching Efficacy," a study authored by Dr. Lisa Flook, Dr. Richard Davidson, and other researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Although the study was small in scope, the authors found that eight weeks of mindfulness training measurably reduced symptoms of burnout and depression. A press release from the University of Wisconsin offers a helpful summary of the findings, while the full text of the article is available from the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds.

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