The Mindful Teacher Foundation

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois



Mindful Teacher, Mindful Kids 2015-16

“This course has been absolutely wonderful for my patience and thoughtfulness. It has helped me as a teacher, and a person, immensely.”
“Overall, it has been extremely positive! I have recommended it to many others.”
“[A] great course . . . benefits are both professional and personal.”
“The year-long relationship focusing on this was fantastic. How rare it is that we get that time to focus and learn together.”
“This is such a gentle addition to the box of tools we already use to help children learn. It holds great power, though, to influence the whole child and give them tools that they can use for the rest of their lives. Do not be afraid of it because it is a bit different. Your students are worth it.”
“I have begun mindfulness practice with my students, and I feel that they are developing a longer period of academic focus and are more aware of their impulsive behavior.” 
“I tell my students to be mindful of what they're doing, and they actually stop and try to think harder about what they're doing.”
“I have recommended it to parents or for colleagues to use with students and families.
“I felt a great sense of respect and professionalism about being able to take away what was helpful for me and my role with students during this training.”
“The practice makes me more mindful in good times and not so good times.”
“I find myself to be much less stressed when teaching.  This is helping me to remember to be quieter, rather than louder.  I have been able to manage some pain better.”
“[The course] will help teachers . . . create a more harmonious classroom environment." 
“I have found very subtle but powerful shifts in my attitudes towards conflict.”
“It was so nice to have the resources and materials ready for us each session. It was clear that the instructors cared about us and our well-being . . . They were great in teaching and leading sessions and were so kind and open to all participants.”
“[Mindfulness] has helped me stay calm when I start to focus on troubling issues.”
“I find myself slowing down and being more mindful of whatever I am doing [rather than] operating on auto-pilot.” 
“This course definitely helped me personally and professionally.  Meditations, like the 3-minute breathing space, helped me to remain calmer in the classroom.  Additionally, meditation helped me to reduce stress and anxiety which assisted in managing my chronic pain.”
“I pause more often before responding to someone during a tense interaction with them. I try to assess what we both need and how to move forward in the conversation.”
“This is a great way to be introduced to mindfulness. It is an open environment and discussion, where you get to explore what it feels like and how to be more mindful in your life. The people who lead the classes are wonderful, and it will be worth your time.”
“I focus when someone is talking to me without pressure to react right away.” 
“[I learned] another coping skill to take care of myself and manage stress related to work [and a] very practice/evidence-based tool to teach my students in managing emotions and social situations.”
“It is one of the most beneficial ‘tools’ a teacher can have in their toolbox.”
“I learned how to be more mindful in my daily life by being more aware of what is happening around me . . . I really enjoyed my experience with ‘Mindful Teacher, Mindful Kids.’”

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